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Adoption Name: Snoopy

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dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption


Description and Additional Information:

Snoopy will be 6 years old on July 12, 2016, and in the new photos he's down to 26 pounds ... but, with a little more walking and diet food, we'll get him down to where he should be. So far he's lost 14 lbs! He's a totally new dog now, even running and playing with the other dogs. Snoopy is a beautiful and really sweet little guy who needs a home where someone will give him the attention he needs. He gets along with other dogs. He needs to have a companion dog to be with. We require a secure fenced-in yard for our dogs. Please email us for an application. Go to our website at www.dachshundrescueofohio.org to fill out an application. The application can now be completed online through the site and is automatically emailed to us. Thank you.

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